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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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[562] 421-1726

All of the items on this menu are available for take-out/pick up!

Our hours: 9am – 10pm Daily

*Closed on Tuesdays*

Mike & Suzi Tracy's Tasty Wings
$ 16.95

Chicken wings tossed in our traditional cajun sauce, garlic parmesan, or our spicy asian sauce. Served with Ranch dressing, carrot & celery sticks.

Won Ton Poppers
$ 13.95

(A cross between an eggroll and a traditional popper). SIx won tons stuffed with cream cheese or sharp cheddar cheese & jalapenos. Served with Mom’s Jalapeno Sauce.

Mick's Melt in Your Mouth Provalone
$ 13.95

Homemade Breaded Provalone Topped w/ Marinara sauce.

What's the Dilla?
$ 13.50

Two large flour tortillas filled with Cheddar & Jack cheese, diced green chilies and green onions. Served with fresh salsa. Add chicken or steak................................................................................................................extra $4.50

Logan's Texas Style Nachos
$ 13.95

Fries smothered with our homemade chili, cheese & onion.

Kel's Killer Fries
$ 12.75

Fries topped with toasted garlic, butter & parmesan, not recommended on a first date.

Ultimate Fries
$ 13.75

Fries loaded with Jack & Cheddar cheese, crisp bacon andtopped with green onions. Served with a side of Ranch dressing.

Let's go spinny dip'n
$ 13.75

Warm creamy spinach & artichoke dip. Served with fresh tortilla chips

Jeff's favorite fried zuccini
$ 13.50

Breaded zucchini cooked golden brown, then topped with Parmesan cheese. Served with Ranch dressing.

One potato
$ 12.50

Potato skins topped with crisp bacon, Cheddar & Jack cheese and green onions. Served with sour cream

Two potato
$ 14.50

Potato skins topped with grilled chicken, Jack cheese and Ortega chilies. Served with fresh salsa.

Three potato
$ 14.50

Potato skins topped with BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, Cheddar cheese,grilled onions and cilantro. Served with Ranch dressing

Ron's Macho Nachos
$ 16.75

Tortilla chips on top of refried beans and covered with Jack & Cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, red onion, Jalapeño’s and black olives. Served with a side of salsa and sour cream. Add grilled chicken or steak....................................................................................................extra $4.50

Morgan's Chicken Nuggets
$ 12.50

Chunks of breaded chicken breast cooked till golden brown. Served with your choice of BBQ sauce, honey mustard, or Ranch dressing.

Lolo's Popcorn Shrimp
$ 14.50

Breaded fried shrimp served with Jill’s homemade tangy sauce.

Chuck's Chickies
$ 12.95

3 Fried chicken sliders with pepper jack cheese, spicy mayo, lettuce & jalapeño.

Jillicious fish tacos
$ 14.95

3 Mini Tempura battered fish tacos with cabbage, cilantro & spicy sauce

Tracy's Irish Taquitos
$ 13.50

Filled with Corned Beef and topped with Cabbage and melted Swiss Cheese. Served with Horseradish Sauce

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Where's the Beef?

All Burgers are 1/2 lb. and charbroiled, served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle and 1000 Island dressing. (Grilled or raw onion $0.25).

*All orders served with fries, slaw,potato salad or cottage cheese.

*Homemade 1/2 # Turkey Burger may be substituted for any burger – add $2.25*

Basic Burger
$ 12.00

With cheese........................................$12.75

Basic Bacon Burger
$ 13.95

With cheese........................................$14.75

Jason's Jumbo Burger
$ 14.50

With cheese........................................$16.50 (double meat & cheese)

Stacy's Veg 'n Burger
$ 12.00

Charbroiled garden burger

Jordan Jr. Burger
$ 9.50

1/4 lb Kids burger With cheese........................................$10.25

Over the Border Burger
$ 14.50

With spicy mayonnaise, Ortega chilies, lettuce, tomato and Jack cheese

Heartburn Burger
$ 14.50

Hamburger patty covered in chili, cheese and onion with a toasted bun on the side

Buck'n BBQ Burger
$ 14.50

With tangy BBQ sauce, Cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and pickle

Harlie's Honolulu Burger
$ 14.50

With teriyaki glaze, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

Darrell's Local Burger
$ 15.95

With Jack cheese, bacon, avocado, lettuce,tomato, pickle and 1,000 Island dressing

Olivia's Oh so blue burger
$ 11.95

With wing sauce, blue cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomato and pickle

Make my patty melt
$ 12.50

With American cheese on grilled rye bread (let us know if you want onions)

Donny's Damn Good Burger
$ 16.95

Are you ready for this one?With 1,000 Island dressing, lettuce, mayo & mustard, tomato, pickle, onion, bacon, fried egg, ham, American cheese, and don’t forget The hamburger!!!No charge for extra napkins.

From our fans

Don’t take our word for it! Read what others have to say.

Great neighborhood bar with good people, good food, ample seating, and of course, LIBATIONS. With recent COVID-19 lockdowns and shutdowns, my partner and I found out that Tracy's Bar offers local DELIVERY! (what luck!) So for those of you living near Tracy's Bar and want to offer your support to help keep them in business. Please give them a ring and place an order or two.

Alice H.

I moved away 25 years ago and recently came back to the LB area. This place hasn't changed at all. Friendly service and feels like home again.

Manny P.

Tracy's is a Long Beach classic and nothing beats it. Delicious food, fun specials, and great beer selections! You truly feel at home when eating here. Their delivery is fast and their staff is 10/10!!!

Shelli T.

Even with Covid Restrictions, the service is very inviting yet compliant. The food is Awesome and very reasonable. Very kick back atmosphere and this family oriented business leaves a very comfortable casual feel. Definitely a go to.

Tigertoo J.

It was so nice to get out of the house and chill in their cozy patio. They have TVs outside, tables spread apart and the staff was waiting on us hand and foot...I so needed this outing! The best part, I got to see Christy and Jill....I miss them. I have to go back soon....love these people, along with their delicious food and yummy drinks!!

Traci O.

A great and friendly local place. Food is wonderful! Stacy is great! Had several occasions to have a big party here. Great service!

Diane G.

This is probably one of my favorite local places and even do is a bar, it's ok to bring the kids during the day. One of my favorite dishes is their Irish taquitos. Having Irish and Mexican blood on my veins I think that this combo is one of the best matches made in heaven.

Hillo P.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict and the eggs were done perfectly. It came with hash browns or home fries, I had the home fries and they were good.

Cris C.

Great bar/Restaurant. Staff is friendly and food is really good. I personally would recommend the Buffalo wings or the asian style wings as well as the cheeseburger.

Alex R.

Cluckers on a bun

All ‘Cluckers” are charbroiled 6 oz. boneless, skinless Chicken Breast on a toasted bun.

*All orders served with fries, slaw, potato salad or cottage cheese

*Homemade 1/2 # Turkey Burger may be substituted for any burger – add $1.95* Whole Wheat roll available – add $1.00

Basic Clucker
$ 12.95

With mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato.

Hot Chick Clucker
$ 14.75

With Jack cheese, spicy mayonnaise, Ortega chilies, lettuce and tomato.

Cowboy Cluckers
$ 14.75

With tangy BBQ sauce, Cheddar cheese,bacon, lettuce and tomato.

$ 14.75

With teriyaki glaze, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, lettuce and tomato.

Carolyn's mother clucker
$ 15.95

With bacon, avocado, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise.

B.C. Clucker
$ 14.75

With blackened chicken, caesar dressing lettuce and tomato

Cordo Clucker
$ 13.50

On grilled sourdough with Swiss cheese, sliced ham and Dijon mustard. (Sort of likechicken cordon bleu, but easier to make.)

Blazen Buffalo
$ 13.95

Tossed in Wing Sauce with Ranch, Lettuce and Tomato.

Mama Mia
$ 13.95

Provalone, Parmesan, Marinara and Garlic Mayonnise

Hot Dog Show ``Doggies``

These “doggies” are duplicates of the old Long Beach Hot Dog Show back in the 50’s and 60’s. You “old timers” will remember.
Served with choice of side. All “doggies“ charbroiled 1/4 lb. Hebrew National Hot Dogs

*All orders served with fries, slaw, potato salad or cottage cheese

The Mutt
$ 10.95

Plain lonely dog.

The Sly
$ 11.50

Mustard, pickle relish and onions.

The Chihuahua
$ 13.95

Smothered in homemade chili,cheese and onion.

The Dachshund
$ 12.75

Sauerkraut, Dijon or regular mustard.

$ 11.95

Baked beans (yes, baked beans, and Mom’s favorite) and mustard.

$ 14.50

This one is served on a hamburger bun with Cheddar cheese, bacon and 1,000 Island dressing.

$ 12.50

Dijon, tomato, onion & Jalapeño

For those who like it hot

Served with choice of Fries, Homemade Cole Slaw, Cottage Cheese or Homemade Potato Salad
Add Onion Rings, Chili, Fruit or Sweet Potato Fries – $2.50 Extra
Green Beans – $3.75 Extra

The Duke
$ 17.95

New York steak sandwich served open faced on a Thick slice of grilled sub roll and topped with 2 Onion Rings. Add grilled onions or mushrooms or both..........add $2.00

Ye Old Ruben
$ 13.95

Hot corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, 1,000 Island dressing on grilled Rye bread.

Landon's Little Piggy
$ 12.95

Ham, Cheddar cheese on grilled sourdough bread.

Either Dip will Do
$ 15.50

Hot sliced roast beef or fresh roasted turkey on grilled sub roll. Served with au Jus. Cheese .................add $1.00 Ortega chilies................add $1.50

A Wee Bit of o'Ireland
$ 13.75

Corned beef, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on grilled rye bread.

The Gobbler
$ 13.75

Hot roasted turkey, Cheddar cheese on grilled sourdough.

Kinda lika philly
$ 15.75

Hot roast beef, grilled onion, bell peppers and Jack cheese on grilled sub roll

ooey gooey bbq
$ 13.75

Hot roasted turkey or roast beef loaded with our extra messy BBQ sauceon a grilled sub roll

One Hot Tuna
$ 13.95

Grilled rye bread topped with Albacore tuna salad & Cheddar cheese

For those who like to chill

Served with choice of Fries, Homemade Cole Slaw, Cottage Cheese or Homemade Potato Salad
Add Onion Rings, Chili, or Sweet Potato Fries – $2.50 extra
Green Beans – $3.75 extra

Tracy's casual Club
$ 14.95

Fresh roasted turkey breast, crisp bacon, avocado, lettuce and tomatoon 2 slices of toasted bread

You lika the meat
$ 13.95

Choice of roast beef, thinly sliced ham or fresh roasted turkey breast withmayonnaise and lettuce

Tastee tuna
$ 13.95

Dolphin safe albacore tuna (Flipper was not injured) with mayonnaise and lettuce

Egg me on
$ 10.75

Egg salad with mayonnaise and lettuce

$ 13.25

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Toasted or not toasted...that is the question!

$ 14.75

Avocado is the addition to the above, Duh!

The Irisher
$ 13.95

Stacked corned beef, mustard, pickle and lettuce on Rye bread.(Or we’ll heat the meat, add Swiss cheese and omit The lettuce, add $.75.)

Any 1/2 will do
$ 8.95

For those who can’t handle the whole thing, you can enjoy a 1/2 sandwich (except sandwiches on a sub Roll) with choice of cup of Soup, Chili, or salad. Grilled cheese, Egg salad, B.L.T. .......$8.95 All others ..........................................$10.75

On the greener side

All of our salads are chopped and tossed and served with Garlic Bread.

Blue Cheese, Ranch, 1,000 Island,Honey Mustard, Italian and Catalina

The samurai
$ 14.95

Grilled chicken breast, Romaine lettuce, carrots, red bell peppers, cucumbers, crunchy wontons,Mandarin oranges and toasted almonds. Served with sesame dressing

Amber's Anti Salad (without pasta)
$ 13.95

Hard salami, pepperoncinis, Provolone cheese, tomatoes, black olives, red onion and mixed greens. Tossed with your choice of dressing (Chef recommends Italian)

Somewhere in the southwest
$ 14.95

Grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, black beans, corn, red onion, tomatoes and avocado. Tossed with Chef Jill’s spicy Southwestern dressing

Hail to the chef
$ 14.95

Ham, roasted turkey breast, Cheddar & Swiss cheese, tomatoes,hard boiled eggs, and mixed greens. Choice of dressing

Caesar the great
$ 13.95

Blackened or grilled chicken breast, Parmesan cheese, croutons, and Romaine lettuce. Tossed with our classic Caesar dressing. Blackened Salmon.............add $8.00

GG's Delight
$ 14.95

Mixed greens, dried cranberries, jicama, grilled chicken, feta & candied walnuts tossed in our raspberry vinaigrette

Kristi's super salad
$ 13.95

This salad has it all (except the meat). Cheddar cheese, celery, carrots,tomato, avocado, cucumber, hard boiled eggs, mushrooms,raisins, mixed greens, sunflower seeds and croutons. Choice of dressing. Blue cheese crumbles..........................add $1.50

$ 14.95

Fresh spinach, grilled chicken, red onion, bacon, hard-boiled egg, and mandarin oranges. Tossed with a sweet & tangy vinaigrette

The Ty Cobb
$ 15.75

Mixed greens topped with fresh roasted turkey breast, bacon, avocado,hard boiled eggs, tomato, Blue Cheese crumbles. Choice of dressing on the side.

Deep Sea
$ 14.95

Mixed greens topped with albacore tuna salad, chopped hard boiled egg,tomato and cucumber. Choice of dressing on the side.

Home on the range
$ 14.95

Mixed greens, grilled chicken, corn, cilantro, tomato, black beans, red onion, cheddar cheese and avocado. Tossed with BBQ ranch & topped with tortilla strips.

Your everyday garden salad
$ 8.95

Mixed greens, Cheddar cheese, tomato, carrots and croutons. Choice of dressing.

A little extra

Need a little on the side? Add one of these to your order.

$ 4.50
Potato salad
$ 4.50
Cottage Cheese
$ 3.95
Fresh Fruit
$ 6.95
Garlic Bread
$ 5.95

(Great with chili, soup or salads)

Side of fries
$ 7.00
1/2 order of fries
$ 5.95
Onion rings
$ 8.50
Sweet potato fries
$ 8.50
Side salsa
$ 2.50
Side of guacamole
$ 5.50
Side of spicy guacamole
$ 7.50
Side of sour cream
$ 1.95

A la carte

For that extra yum in your tum

Soup of the day
8 oz. cup
$ 6.75
12 oz. bowl
$ 8.50
25 oz. extra large bowl
$ 14.50
Tracy's awesome chili

with cheese and onions

8 oz. cup
$ 7.95
12 oz. bowl
$ 10.95
25 oz. extra large bowl
$ 15.95

Kids Menu

For kids 11 years old and under

Morgan's Chicken Nuggets
$ 8.95

Chunkc of breaded chicken breast cooked until golden brown served with french fried & ranch dressing

What's the Dilla?
$ 7.50

1/2 of our regular size with cheese only With Chicken.....add $2.25

The Mutt
$ 8.50

Hebrew National Hot Dog (smaller than our regular size) char-broiled with only a bun served with french fries.

Stephie's simple sandwich
$ 6.95

Grilled cheese on white bread served with french fries

Brett's Bean & Cheese Burrito
$ 7.00
Riane's PB&J
$ 6.00

Peanut butter & strawberry jam on white bread served with french fries

Jordan's Jr. Burger
$ 8.50

Tomato, lettuce, pickle & 1,000 Island dressing served with french fries